COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Message from president

On behalf of the Indian Support Center (ISC) and its members we Wish You a Happy Diwali and Stay Safe!

As a part of the NSW government initiative, the Indian Support Centre has been chosen as a partner and assigned with a responsibility to Empower and Support local communities in fight against COVID 19.The message to the communities is contained in the COVID Pancha Sutra  as detailed below:

• Decreasing the transmission of COVID-19 within home and work settings
• Increasing the number of individuals testing for COVID-19
• Increasing Vaccination Rates
• Reducing Movement of People to Reduce Spread
• Building capacity to deliver and support the delivery of community- led health communication initiatives.

We request each of you to take responsibility to spread this message to your friends and family for re-establishing good and strong health system in our region / communities. For many of us, the easing of lockdown restrictions brings longed-for opportunities to see friends and family in real space and get back to work, back to school etc.

But for many of us Anticipated changes and Re- Adjustment can be difficult.  We encourage each one of you to follow the basic ground rules in all the above stated SUTRAS call the ISC on +61 480 110 453 for any assistance you may require!