Harm Prevention Services

Harm Prevention Services

Protect yourself and your community proactively with ISC’s educational programs and resources. Together, let’s build a safer environment for all.
The Indian Support Center has been delivering support services for Domestic Violence Victims Support since its inception in 2015. ISC strongly believes in KEEPING FAMILIES TOGETHER! In this direction, ISC believes in preventing violence through social and cultural change throughout the community before it starts. ISC’s philosophy in addressing Domestic Violence falls into two distinct areas:

  • Intervening Early to stop family violence from recurring or escalating
  • Responding to Crisis with information and services that provide support, Counselling, advocacy and crisis accommodation.
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ISC’s Early Intervention Services

ISC’s Early Intervention Services in the following areas

Promote gender equality and encourage respectful relationships.
Understand every aspect of the incidence of violence – however small it may and challenge the condoning of violence against women.

Identify root causes of violence by going deep into the cultural aspect of each case. Some of the reasons may be deeply rooted within the community, and it may take ages to eradicate such issues. Root causes may include Substance Abuse, Age Old Dowry System, respect for families from either side etc.

ISC has designed customised programs whereby potential Domestic Violence Victims are advised to attend such programs as a part of its Early Intervention Services. ISC has Relationship Consultants, Psychologies and Psychiatrists on its panel who spend a lot of time with each potential victim and advise ways and means of taking midcourse correction in their relationships. ISC has successfully put some potential cases back on track in their lives.

ISC Crisis Response Services

ISC Crisis Response Services start from the following basic principles:

  • When a woman seeks support for the first time, the initial response is critical. If it isn’t handled well, she may be reluctant to seek support again and remains at risk of harm. If the response is handled well, the chances of her building a new safe life in whatever way works for her are high.
  • The woman must be believed and her experiences taken seriously. ISC Believes that the first response has to be high quality response and must be action oriented.
  • Her rights must be upheld and her safety protected
  • She must have accessible options and be supported to make safe changes for herself and her children
  • She mustn’t be judged, or experience any disadvantage if she chooses to return to the relationship
  • She must have timely access to resources and support.
  • Sometimes a woman will make several attempts to leave before she leaves permanently and safely.

To date ISC identified and delivered the following services in this area:

  • A Helpdesk system through which each case is received and well documented
  • Established a team consisting of Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychologists who may be the first point of contact when a Domestic Violence Victim knocks at the ISC door for help. This response is termed as ISC Specialist Family Response Team
  • Child psychologists to address issues arising out of Children’s issues
  • Advisory service in handling Substance Abuse Services
  • Legal Services
  • Police Liaison Services
  • Safe locations for housing Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Advisory Services to the Perpetrator
  • Training of social workers

ISC Specialist Family Services include:

  • Case Management Services to include – understand experiences and assess her level of risk, offer information and options for support.
  • Working with the woman if she chooses to stay in their relationship, to help them and their children remain safe
  • Assisting the woman to remain safely in the family home when her violent partner has been removed
  • Arranging crisis accommodation for women and children seeking refuge from violent perpetrators
  • Assisting the woman to find safe and affordable housing and to relocate, including private rental brokerage assistance
  • Advocate for the woman as she navigates the complex legal and service system
  • Supporting women attending court and seeking legal assistance
  • Assisting women to find employment, education and training, and access Centrelink entitlements
  • Providing telephone support including after-hours
  • Working with other professionals in the woman’s life to keep her and her children safe.
  • Provide therapeutic programs including individual and group counselling for women, and therapeutic and practical support for children.
  • Behavior change programs for men.

ISC’s programs support both women and men involved in domestic violence.

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